Food Science that Goes Beyond Taste and Texture

There’s a lot of pre- and post-ideation work to do before anyone settles on the appropriate new product or even the best process for manufacture. As food scientists, we start with a set of assumptions and your in-house insights, challenges and current solutions. Then, we do our homework to better understand the appropriate market niche as well as the regulatory, supply-chain, distribution opportunities and any other variables you might face.

FBC helping to define the future of food

Can We Make It? Can You Sell It?
Will It Succeed?

Food product ideation

Food, in all its flavor profiles, is a warm and tasty concept

It provides health and nutrition, a reason for people to gather, and even a means to manage stress. But before that happens, you need to know if your idea can be brought to market successfully. You need lab-tested food scientists.

From pie-in-the-sky to realistic outcomes

You may have just invented a new category-bending product. But, will it stand up to scrutiny from wholesalers to home cooks? Is it priced and positioned right? Can it compete in the marketplace?

And if so, how?

We believe in the power of science. Food science and data science are the drivers behind every successful new or improved product. For your fbc team, it’s serious fun.

from pie-in-the-sky to realistic outcomes

As outside consultants, we bring realistic solutions
to your fresh ideas, through:


  • Market/Consumer Research
  • Sensory Testing
  • User Experience
  • Shelf-Life Optimization
  • Competitive Landscape Overview
  • Supply-Chain/Sourcing Alternatives


  • Pricing Insights & Cost Optimization 
  • Product Analysis
  • Package Design/Development
  • Branding & Marketing Consultation


  • Regulatory Research
  • Comparative Research
  • Labeling Requirements

…And then, we execute on your great ideas. Let’s talk about where those ideas can take you.