Client Testimonials

Honesty and Integrity

"I've worked with FBC on multiple occasions! Every time their work has been on target and on time. I really appreciate their honesty and integrity. FBC gets right to the core of the project and gets the work done. Couple that with their incredible knowledge of bakery and food science and you have a winning combination. I highly recommend FBC!"

Experience and creativeness

"A mover and a shaker; that's the first impression you get with Steffen. As you get to know him you realize how much he can handle and how well he brings projects to completion. His experience and creativeness is a great resource that we are pleased to be associated with."

Broad knowledge of Product Development, Process Engineering and Packaging

"I have had the pleasure to work with Steffen at Sara Lee on several projects together. I was a full-time Sara Lee employee and Steffen was a full-time consultant hired by Sara Lee. Steffen has a broad knowledge of bakery products (product development, process engineering, and packaging) and industry connections that enable a quick turn-around on projects. He is able to look at the bigger picture and break it down into workable individual task. He knows how to leverage his team's strength and works with people at different levels. I always look up to Steffen as someone who knows the food industries and gets the job done without burning bridges."
New England Country Pies

Expertise in formulation

"FBC worked very well with my Product Development team at Mrs. Smith's Bakeries, and provided expertise in formulation and process recommendations in developing new bakery protocepts."

They Understood Our Needs and how To Accomplish Our Objectives

"I had the opportunity to contract FBC when I ran New Ventures for Sara Lee Bakery Foodservice. They understood our needs and how to accomplish our objectives. They have in-depth knowledge about baking and our plant specifically. I would certainly work with them again."

creative, easy to work with, and cost effective

"I have used FBC on multiple occasions. FBC are very knowledgeable product developers who have the capability to develop high quality bakery products from benchtop through commercialization for nearly every bakery category. I find FBC creative, easy to work with, and cost effective."

formulas actually work in a production setting

"Steffen is one of the best formulators, and developers I have worked with. He has a vast array to knowledge and production experiences. Steffen is the only consultant that I've worked with who's formulas actually work in a production setting. He is really hands on. If I had a choice of consultants to work with he would be my only choice."

Experts in commercialization

"FBC is a great resource for culinary expertise. They have a wealth of food knowledge and can bring ideas to life with beautiful creations. They not only bring a culinary flair to their executions, but they are experts in commercialization as well. I would highly recommend hiring FBC for any product concept development needs."

Solve problems where others could not

"FBC Is a great group to work with. Their knowledge of the industry and all technical aspects food processing have allowed them to solve problems where others could not. I highly recommend FBC to anyone looking to build their business and improve their existing product lines."
Dianne's Fine Desserts
Zume Pizza
Yum Earth Organic Candy Company
Walnut Creek Foods
Main Street Gourmet

get the work done fast, and efficiently

"FBC does a great job in all facets of Food Business Consulting and Product Development. Whether you are looking for product formulation, or reformulating an existing product, FBC has a great ability to get the work done fast, and efficiently. In addition, if a company requires sensory work, FBC can gain the information and the results needed to move the project forward."

assist in the development of critical, large scale products

"While developing and launching many products at Sara Lee, Steffen exhibited extensive bakery knowledge. His skill was continuously shown as a product developer in the laboratory and as a technical service expert in full scale production environments. Even after leaving Sara Lee, Steffen was often contracted to assist in the development of critical, large scale products. He continues to be well respected in Sara Lee's technical and managerial community. Steffen's participation would be extremely valuable to any foodservice company interested in expanding or improving their product lines"

broad knowledge of developing new products

"FBC has worked on numerous projects with American Pie - Marie Callenders for many years. FBC is extremely knowledgeable about the product development and commercialization of bakery products. We have also used FBC for advice in developing taste test panels to validate new product concepts. There in no one in the food industry we would recommend as highly as FBC because of their broad knowledge of developing new products, from the testing new product concepts, research & development, through to the commercialization of the new products."
Hill and valley
Hungry Jack